Automated Proactive Solution System (APSS™)

Commvault's Automated Proactive Solution System (APSS™) represents the next generation of Commvault® Customer Support. It's a state-of-the-art workflow engine module that provides automated, proactive support solutions for Commvault environments.

Based on a service-oriented architecture and integrated with the CommServe® server, APSS proactively monitors and detects failure points in Commvault environments, then intelligently maps personalized solutions that address those issues.

Unlike typical alerting systems that only inform end-users of issues, APSS not only alerts end-users to events, but also provides potential solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily through a variety of interfaces. Both the APSS installer and the APSS Dashboard are accessed from the Maintenance Advantage portal. Best of all, APSS is available at no additional cost to all Commvault customers with active maintenance agreements.

APSS helps to:

  • Reduce the number of events that create issues

  • Improve service levels and data availability

  • Reduce time and effort spent on reporting and resolving problems

  • Reduce operating costs and business risk

  • Enable greater focus on higher-value, strategic activities

APSS users have realized great value from intelligent event detection and issue resolution, along with dashboards and interactive metrics tools that have increased efficiency with the operation and management of their Commvault environments.

APSS Informational Videos

APSS Overview Video

APSS Guided Tour

To learn more about the benefits of APSS, download the datasheet, or speak with your Commvault representative or Commvault Reseller.