Welcome to the Fujitsu Eternus Snapshot Manager Maintenance Advantage Customer Support Portal

The Fujitsu ESM Maintenance Advantage support portal contains a set of powerful tools to enable ESM software customers to better optimize their deployments. The portal includes:

  • Configuration and deployment guidelines
  • Tips and techniques to achieve better performance
  • Supported hardware and software matrixes
  • Technical FAQs
  • Interactive Troubleshooting Guides, and more…

Contacting Fujitsu Customer Support

Fujitsu Service Desk contact details can be found at www.fujitsu.com/support; select your country and Server product line.

Accessing this Resource

To access Maintenance Advantage, your organization must have current maintenance and you must be a designated contact for the organization. If you meet these requirements and you do not have a Maintenance Advantage login and password please send an email to Fujitsu ESM Support and provide your CommCell® ID along with your contact information and you will be notified via email of your login and password within 24-48 hours.